David Goodall

David Goodall is a member of Directors UK; an award-winning film director; and has been a theatre director since 1982.

Having founded Soundsmove in 1996, David produced a series of TV films: To Have And To Hold, The Beginner’s Guides and A Day In The Life between then and 2003. In the past five years, he has won several industry awards: Best Director in both Los Angeles and New York, Best International Film (LA) and others.

Previous films have won awards for Best Film and Best Director in festivals in LA, NY, Cleveland, Ireland and Wales, and awards for excellence at the prestigious Depth of Field Awards.

David’s theatre work includes plays ranging from Brecht Lehrstücke and Shakespeare to Stoppard and Pinter, to devised drama and large scale performance events of over 1,000 participants.

He works extensively in educational theatre; for children and adults, and has directed throughout Europe in several languages.

He has regularly directed Pantomimes and Christmas shows, both for touring companies and main house performances, since 2004